Wednesday, June 03, 2009

little buddy

so this is about a week after the fact, but here's a pic of my latest ultrasound. little krispie has now graduated to having buds. it's amazing how fast it's growing, and how fast it'll continue to grow. not only did i hear the baby's heart beating i could see it. it's little heart just fluttering away in it's tiny little chest.

i had my first ob appointment last thursday and was surprised that instead of seeing my normal nurse practitioner i'll be seeing a doctor. apparently my pregnancy is still considered high risk (at least to this group) because it happened through IVF. my RE reassured me that as long as i was carrying one baby it should be considered a normal pregnancy. i guess it's better to be safe than sorry.

at my appointment i was told i have to wait another 8-10 weeks before i get another ultrasound. it's so weird to have already gotten two in the last two weeks to having to wait what seems like a lifetime for another one. the girls at aaron's work told him about a clinic in town that'll do ultrasounds for free. i'm almost tempted to go every friday to check on the baby's progress. ok, maybe every other week. ;)

another thing i learned at my appointment. even though the baby measured a couple of days early at the first ultrasound they stick with my original calculated due date. unless it fluctuates by more than a week they keep the same date. which makes sense since at the second ultrasound the baby measured two days older. so my official due date is december 25. yes, baby westphal is officially a christmas baby! yep, he/she is gonna be one of those poor kids that gets birthday presents wrapped in christmas paper.

as far as symptoms go my major problem is being EXTREMELY tired all the time. this baby is sucking the life force out of me, literally. i'm told that once the second trimester starts that'll dissipate. fingers crossed it does, i hate feeling like a huge slug. another problem i'm having is being hungry but nothing looks or tastes good. i think it's my body subconsciously avoiding morning sickness. it's just really odd that i have to force myself to eat. according to my ob it's normal and is considered a form of morning sickness. so i guess by definition i am having some slight morning sickness but no vomiting or extreme nausea. thank goodness.

the computer went on the fritz last week and has been getting repaired the last two days. i love apple. luckily i purchased the apple care program with this computer. why would you not with a huge purchase like this. i called monday morning and they physically sent someone here to boone yesterday to fix it. it had a defective fan that was making all this noise and the guy replaced it and went ahead and replaced the motherboard while he was at it. i can't believe how quiet it is now. amazing.

so this means updates should be coming more regularly. we've got a busy month ahead of us. aaron's dad and grandmother will be here next week. then the caraways will be heading our way and we'll all be heading for the beach in a few weeks. the summeys will officially be residents of boone in a few weeks. and aaron and i will be heading back to illinois to celebrate the 4th. we fly in on the 1st and will be there til the 7th. yes, busy, busy, busy!


Angela V. said...

Aww, Susan! It already looks just like you! ;)

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

Congratulations y'all! I haven't read blogs for a while so I got some reading to do! I'm so happy all y'alls hard work, time and dedication has finally come through!


acaraway said...

When I was looking at your blog Hannah peeked over my shoulder at the ultrasound picture and said "aaaaaah..." and then she asked a funny question, "'Short and Sweet' is she talking about the baby?" I giggled and explained to her that was the name of your page, but I thought that might give you a giggle! Congrats on the wonderful progress. Can't wait to see you guys!

Super Blogger Girl! said...

I wish someone would have warned me of the fatigue but it is the worst symptom by far. Just hang in there and take lots of naps. Diego was supposed to be born around christmas but he hung in until the first week of January. We still havn't gotten our tax check damn it!

Pookie-san` and ME said...

Little buddy is a cutie!!!

Pam said...

Hey, Susie . . . I believe by the time you get your next sonogram you will be able to tell boy or girl . . . I think Lori and Jess say that's at 20 weeks . . .

Can't wait to see pictures of YOU as you grow!

Anonymous said...

Glad I read the blog. Will you be coming close to Southern Illinois over the 4th? You know your grandma would love to see you.