Monday, June 15, 2009

pacing the panic room

i was looking for creative ways to do pregnancy progression shots when i came across this site, pacingthepanicroom. actually it's about the only site i found that had a clever take on the process. i'm far from showing but want to do something on the creative side when the time does arise. any suggestions? check out the site to see more candid and cute shots.


janett said...

That's one of my favorite blogs! That dude cracks me up and of course it doesn't hurt that I love American Apparel too.

Aly said...

Belly shots ROCK! I can't wait to see the tattoo expand - that will just be awesome! The month to month pics will be great especially during your first pregnancy - the 2nd one... the belly just is not as cute. I had a great time doing professional shots at 8 months with my hubby.

Just TOO excited to follow you on this journey!!! Just think in a year, we can have a play date with our little ones! :-) Hee, hee!

Super Blogger Girl! said...

go look at, she dressed up n hilarious ways and it made me laugh so hard!