Friday, January 12, 2007

boney bum

once in a while i help jamie out with the simon and hayden. this week they had to get their second round of the flu shot so she asked if i'd tag along and offer assistance. apparently the receptionists aren't too friendly if you're the least bit late. last time we were 5 minutes late and we were not received well, this time we pulled into the parking garage on time. little simon, as cute as he is, is perhaps the slowest kid i know. (i'm sure all kids are slow but most are on wheels a.k.a. strollers.)

i scoop him up and start crossing the breezeway at a faster pace with him on my hip.

"can you put me higher? it doesn't feel good," he says.

"what? am i too boney?" i ask.

"yeah, you're too boney."

i swing him around to my back.

"still too boney," he says.

i guess i need to put a little more junk in the trunk. at least according to a 3-year-old.

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