Wednesday, January 24, 2007

whirlwind weekend

yes, it's finally over. yesterday i put brian and irina on a plane back to maryland and today i'm cleaning up the mess left after the whirlwind weekend. i must say, i was very happy with the outcome of the reception. the only thing i probably won't do again is have a plated dinner. it sucks to have payed for meals that weren't eaten. it just seemed so wasteful, but there's always circumstances beyond anyones control.

the photobooth was probably the best idea we had. that and the open bar. i took my copies over to jamie's yesterday and forgot them, otherwise i'd scan them for your viewing pleasure. i just wrote the photobooth guy and asked when the photos would be posted online. i should be getting an answer shortly and i'll let you know when i do. i'll also post the link for everyone when i get it. i can't wait to see the debauchery that occured and am glad it was documented for prosperity.

thanks to everyone who attended. we had a blast and loved having you there! i'm trying to convince aaron we should do it again, maybe for cinco de mayo or veterans day. we don't need no stinking special occassion to rock out, just you!

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