Monday, January 15, 2007

prozac nation

aaron's gone this weekend. in sunny orlando learning the intricacies of cosmetic surgery/procedures. so i've been flying solo this weekend. he's on his way home now, from 75 degrees to 30 degrees. needless to say, i don't feel sorry for him! ;)

friday i hung out with jamie and we watched a little tv. i feel like i'm corroding her mind with the shows i watch. we ended up watching two episodes of what not to wear. i keep telling myself it's somewhat educational, but who am i kidding.

saturday i went over to katie and adrian's and we had a little dinner and watched an episode of the office. we also played a little trivial pursuit. i ended up borrowing 3 movies. prozac nation and darkness. both movies were so-so. nothing really to write about. i did watch donnie darko again, it definitely needed a second viewing. it made much more sense the second time around.

this week i've got to start and finish reception prep. labeling favors, creating placecard settings and guestbook pages. i've been putting it off. i've also got to clean up the guest room so brian and irina have a place to crash when they're here next weekend. i'm excited about the reception, but at the same time i hate being the center of attention. it's a love hate relationship.

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Tabitha said...

I watch What Not to Wear on occasion and the hosts are such bitches! ;o) Donnie Darko is a great movie and so is Blow.