Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the stealth of meter maids

i had a meeting with the wow lady today in st. louis. i get there and park right beside the building so i can see my automobile from the office. i feed the meter 30 cents for 24 minutes of parking time. last time i was there, i was pretty much in and out. so i'm thinking this should be more than enough. nadia's running behind. she offers me a drink while i wait. 10 minutes pass.

"should i feed the meter?" i ask.

"yeah, probably a good idea." she tells me.

since i can see my car, i chance it. if i see a meter maid coming i'll run out and drop some coin. another 5 minutes and i have her undivided attention. we go over details with me occasionally looking over my shoulder. nothing in sight. get done in 15 minutes and i'm out the door.

as nadia lets me out. (they lock the doors after they let you in or out of the building. another reason why i didn't want to run out there.) two meter maids walk by. did i luck out? i get to my car and i don't see anything under my washer blade. sweet. they must have been metering the main street and not the side streets. i pull out and take off down the street. as soon as i pick up speed, i notice something flapping in the far right corner. damn it!

moral: 5 cents could have saved me $10. and the meter maids of st. louis operate on the sly.

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