Monday, January 08, 2007

never surprised...

...okay, maybe once in a while.

i can't remember how the discussion came about. i brought up the 911 call and how, in my opinion, it's a legitimate phone call. basically i was telling him how any thing you can think of, there's someone out there crazy enough to be doing it.

"look at the dance floor, i bet there's someone out there with some freaky secret going on underneath those fancy clothes. maybe the nipples cut out of their tanktop or a guy wearing a leapord thong."

"next time we go camping i'm going to cut out my nipples and take off my shirt and act like nothings weird," he tells me.

"that would be hilarious, and i'll act like it's totally normal too!"

3 hours go by.

i look back and this is what i see...

what the hell.

did i put my foot in my mouth and mark's really a freak in levis?!? nope, he just wanted to freak me out sooner than later.

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