Friday, April 25, 2008

get your game on

when i was home a few weeks ago i scored an old scrabble game my parents had in their garage. of course, with years of moving/traveling there were bound to be pieces missing. what better way to put the game to use... recycle it into a craft project. ta-da, my first batch of scrabble tile pendants. it's been a challenge finding the right paper but i managed to find a few i liked that translated well on such a small scale. they're a little less than an inch in both directions. all in all, very happy with the outcome!

aaron and i head west monday. aaron has his annual mohs meeting in vancouver next week. i decided to tag along and we decided to head out a few days early to catch tom and jamie in bellingham, wa. they're getting ready for the big move. i.e. house-hunting and whatnot. i'm excited about the trip and can't believe they're gonna be a whole continent away. i'm sure i'll have pics to share upon our return.


Angela V. said...

I got your package today and I must say that I wasn't the only one excited about it! Landon just couldn't believe his luck! He grabbed all the dice, the letter beads and all the magnets! And, ran up to his room to hide them from me! Thanks so much for everything, especially the little scrabble necklace, I wore it today and got a few compliments! Hope you'll like your papers!

Super Blogger Girl! said...

So, so, creative and cute, nice job!

PutzFrau said...


me want!

Did you use resin or decoupage? I haven't worked with resin yet but I've had my eye on these craft kits at Tap Plastics to do stuff like this.