Thursday, April 03, 2008

you're it!

i was tagged by jen.

the rules: link to the person who tagged you. post the rules. share six non-important habits/quirks about yourself. tag three other people.

1. if i'm wearing socks, there's a 90% chance they're knee highs

2. i have a swatch watch collection

3. i haven't taken out a pair of earrings in 16 years

4. i hate fruit-flavored sodas

5. i have a huge dent in my shin from falling between a train and platform

6. i've eaten a whole jar of pickles on more than one occassion

I tag angela and susan.

1 comment:

Super Blogger Girl! said...

The swatch thing didn't surprise me but the jar of pickles explains to me why we like each other so much.