Wednesday, April 16, 2008


a memento from our first official date. i'm not too big on remembering actual dates. don't ask when our first kiss was or the moment we realized we were meant for each other. let's just make it easy on everyone and say april 15th was the day of everything!

not that we planned a special outing to celebrate the occasion. but we did venture down to hickory to watch a little minor league baseball last night. a little chilly, a very sparse crowd, and tons of cheesy activities to occupy our time. we were definitely entertained during the error-ridden game. the hickory crawdads lost to the lexington legends, 4-6. did i mention it was "all-you-can-eat" night. aaron took full advantage: two hot dogs, a hamburger, nachos, french fries, popcorn and two large sodas. and i was pretty much paying for it later!


Super Blogger Girl! said...

My hubby and I have a lot of history but one of our first major outings was to see pearl Jam. I wonder if we still have the stub around somewhere?

susan and sometimes aaron said...

i keep thinking, you were thirteen when we started dating. how crazy is that!