Friday, October 24, 2008

from the basement

yep, i am updating from the depths of the basement. inspector came this morning and gave it his stamp of approval. we are officially done! well at least with the building part, the decorating...that's another story.

our sectional is finally a sectional again. doorways, windows and a fireplace made it impossible to fit upstairs. now we've crafted a home to house it. my advice, don't ever get a sectional unless you know you're going to live in the house forever!

we'll probably spend most of the weekend moving stuff from upstairs to downstairs. i got the guys to move the bulky items down before they left yesterday. there's also a room filled with junk covered in drywall/cement dust that needs to be addressed.

i just christened the new toilet. everything is a go!


Angela V. said...

lookin' good!

acaraway said...

Nice pose Suzie Q!

Super Blogger Girl! said...

In my house you have to puke in a toilet to christian it, is it the same at the westphal house?