Wednesday, October 01, 2008

junk yard dog

one of the construction guys, woody, left an empty can of beenie weenies on the ground which bosco promptly found and took off with. i ran after him along with woody and marley. when marley approached bosco, he let out a low growl which was very uncharacteristic. i did manage to grab the can but for some reason the dogs started tearing into each other. i attempted to step between them to no avail. woody, "should i help?" please. he picks up bosco and marley is somehow still attached. who's grabbing onto who, i can't even tell.

i check both dogs over. bosco has a small puncture wound on his neck and marley has a gash on her forehead. it definitely looks worse in person. the scars from her last altercation have recently healed and left little bald spots. now she can add to her collection.

aaron has started to affectionately call her "his little jyd." jyd? junk yard dog.


Super Blogger Girl! said...

Poor Marley, do dude dogs dig scars, if so she'll be a hottie still!

Caraway said...

Junk Yard Dog? This is a "jyd"