Wednesday, October 15, 2008

logic vs. emotion

we had a productive appointment yesterday. pretty much got all our ducks in order and are ready to march forward. there are, however, a few questions that need to be answered before we start. first off: when do we start? aaron (logic) wants to start after the holidays, me (emotion) wants to start asap. (l) we've already waited this long, why not wait another two months and get past the hustle and bustle of the holidays? (e) we've already waited this long, another two months will technically mean another four months, there's never going to be a "good time," and i'm so ready to get this started.

question 2: how many embryos do we transfer? when we initially started, the dr. stated they usually don't transfer more than two. so all this time i've had the mindset of two being our number. well yesterday, the dr. suggested transferring one. one? i suppose after getting our test results the dr. is pretty optimistic one will work for us and we don't have to risk putting two in. (l) it makes sense. why initiate a higher risk pregnancy from the get go if you don't have to? (e) i understand there are more complications involved when having twins and i'm willing to do everything in my power to minimize those risks. and yes, i'm fine with doing double the work than if we had a singleton. to me, twins would be a double bonus. one transfer, two babies. pretty much a win, win situation as far as i'm concerned. we both agree that two is what we ultimately want. if we can speed up the process, why not do it?

these are the things we are currently "discussing." although i have a feeling emotion will outweigh logic in the end. we may reach some type of compromise. we'll see.

so what exactly does IVF involve? LOTS OF SHOTS! about three weeks worth. some twice a day. i really don't have a fear of needles. (see tattoos) but using said needles to pump myself full of hormones is a little daunting. just a tad. and brace yourselves for the emotional roller coaster that will be pulling out of this station soon. feel sorry for aaron. unlike the bumper of the internet, he'll being feeling my wrath full-force. hopefully, for his sake, it will be minimal.

i have been scouring the internet for information. med sites, forums and a few blogs. i have found a site that i absolutely love. monica's been documenting their whole IVF process. including videos (which i find extremely helpful), question and answer posts and just her rants and raves in general about baby makin. she's awesome and inspiring. most of her views are quite similar to mine. posts of note: baby dust and don't let infertility ruin your life. having an upbeat attitude seems to be very rare in this community. so i'm glad i found her.

in other news, carpet is being laid in the basement as i type. pics either tonight or tomorrow. woo-hoo!


acaraway said...

I'm proud of you both! Your attitude is inspiring in itself. I checked out the site you listed; pretty cool. Can't wait to see the basement pics!

Super Blogger Girl! said...

congrats on the progress, you can do it and I keep sending good energy your way! whatever decision you make on time will be right for you, I would be ASAP too but as a woman that's just how we are right? email me if you need anything okay!

you should stop laying carpet and start laying pipe, lol!

Aunt Pam said...

Yeah!!!! Your cousin Stephanie that I mentioned earlier could help fill you in on the RAGING HORMONES! She went through it twice and got the twin boys. Your grandma wants to make sure she gets at least one girl . . . I have not told her that you were thinking of IVF, but is there any way they can check out the gender before implanting? :)

PutzFrau said...

I think staying positive is the key and it sounds like your doing really well with that.