Thursday, October 02, 2008

knock, knock

progress! it's finally looking like a living area. paint has been applied and the doors were installed today. and no, it's not carolina blue. jason, who did most of the framing, came over yesterday and i asked if he liked the colors.

"i like the green but not the blue."

"what? why?"

"i'm a duke fan."

i kept the colors light (vast sky in the tv room, atmospheric in the bathroom and dancing green in the guest room), since it is a basement and i didn't want it to feel like a dungeon. we both agreed to add color and not a beige or brown. these are the colors we both liked. if he had his way, we'd be drowning in a sea of cardinal red, which i promptly nixed. i contemplated doing wallpaper. which he nixed. (having it professionally done, of course). i'm thinking about doing tone on tone blue along the long wall and perhaps an accent wall somewhere. so many ideas!


The McDowell's said...

The blue looks good, at least all the way here in St. Louis. Although I might be a little partial to the sea of Cardinal red. Deryk once saw a basement painted white with red "stripes" to resemble a baseball. I guess you could try that. Take care


Super Blogger Girl! said...

lol, our neighbors have a sports themed basement! I like your idea of keeping things light and fresh, we want to make our basement look like a pub (think cheers) so we want dark wood chair rail with shelf and hunter green, I am going to need some good lighting, lol. congrats on the progress... speaking of progress give me a shout today!

PutzFrau said...

After we first got married, my husband flew out to Cali and fixed up our condo before we moved in with his mom (who has really great taste).

He "surprised" me by painting the master bathroom tomato red. It's now celadon.

I think the blue is an excellant choice.