Wednesday, January 16, 2008

getting a little work done

what do you get the person that has everything and needs nothing? a little upkeep. sookie, my mother, decided she needed a little work done. she's been casually bringing it up in conversation over the past few years. "what does botox do?" "how do i make my skin tighter?" "what can aaron do for these bumps on my neck?" etc. so this year we decided to satisfy her and get her what she really wanted...a little facial maintenance. you'd think the lady that wears bedazzled sweaters, three inch bubblegum pink platform flip-flops and "happy smoke" necklaces wouldn't care too much about her appearance. but she does, so we obliged.

here's some photos of what aaron and his co-worker, jill, did to her while she was in town. basically they filled the divot between her eyebrows and filled the lines between her lip and chin (1 syringe worth)'s what makes her look like she's frowning when she's not. they also gave her some botox above her eyebrows and below her bottom lip. jill recommended filling in the space between her nose and lips, but that would take another syringe and more money. i honestly didn't think there would be that much of a difference. but she looks great. this was done thursday before they left and the last photo is a few days ago. about 2.5 weeks later. and yes her eyebrows, eyeliner and lipliner are all tattooed on. i guess getting tattoos runs in the family. crazy koreans.

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