Sunday, January 27, 2008

well lit

today i made my own little indoor light studio. i was having some difficulty/frustration figuring out why my photos had a yellow tint. especially when my subject was being blasted with light from all directions.

i'm a novice when it comes to macro photography. i assumed if i had a white background with lots of light it'd be enough. (that's what you see behind my makeshift lightbox) i took my first photos and the result is what you see to the left. the yellow is so bad that i can't enhance or mess with the levels to correct it. i started thinking maybe i can't have direct light on the subject that i needed to diffuse it somehow. i googled how to create a lightbox and found a great tutorial. made a tiny box just to see if it was the problem. nope. still yellow photos. i decided to hit up a photography forum to figure out what i was doing wrong. posted my dilemma and a few minutes later i had my answer. needed to adjust the white balance on my camera.

i was afraid i'd be reamed for asking such a basic question. but they were extremely helpful and told me how and where to find the and adjust my settings. the results were immediate. at least i can now adjust the levels to correct the background without ruining the photo. luckily i'll be getting adobe creative suite in a few weeks so i'll have photoshop at my disposal again. i've been going through software withdrawal.

shop construction--lighting setup: check!!

now on to the next step.

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