Friday, January 18, 2008

sew original

today i hit up sew original, one of the nicer fabric stores i've been to. they carry the pricier fabrics that, of course, i love. after purchasing an abundant amount of sale fabric, i decided to make a impulse buy. doodle stitching. i'm infatuated with these cute, idea books. i've bought a few japanese zakka books and have my sewing bible (that i got freecycled). it's always good to keep feeding the mind's eye (i retained some college training). i'm still gonna use the internet, but i like having a hard copy to have for instant inspiration. and this one is full of super cute projects. you'll probably see what i mean soon. tomorrow i'll post this weeks craft of the week. goal for next week: set up shop. and i mean it!


PutzFrau said...

I've been wanting to try some embrodiary and have been looking for a good beginners book.

I've come across some amazing emborideries that I want to do (one is of Bob Ross painting a tree!).

Is this the book I should get?

susan and sometimes aaron said...

i'd recommend it. it's pretty simple, has cute designs and teaches you all the basics. it's really good if you're just starting out. i'd also recommend checking out sublime stitching. it's got a lot of cool iron on designs. i bought a few and have been embroidering on felt. i'll have to post those soon.