Wednesday, January 23, 2008

snow bunnies

yesterday we hit up appalachian ski mountain. we had decided to take a 10:45 snowboard lesson but didn't get our equipment rented in time so we took the 1:30 class instead. we had planned on taking the one hour lesson and then putting what we learned to the test for the rest of the afternoon. good thing it didn't work out that way. after taking the lesson we were completely wiped out. everyone kept telling us, if you've ever surfed, skateboarded you'll have no problem snowboarding. yeah, if you've ever done it with your legs completely backwards and duct taped to the board.

i think we did okay considering neither one of us had ever done it before. we had a couple of spills, nothing major, which was really surprising. our instructor had us running up the hill with board attached over and over again. it's not as easy as it sounds and we both worked up a sweat pretty fast. we did have our own instructor who gave us one-on-two attention, so that was nice. after an hour we were able to toe turn, heel turn, stop and ride up on a tow rope. it was good to get the fundamentals from a pro. after the lesson we were going to practice some more but we were too tired and decided to call it a day. i actually went to bed at a decent hour last night, in fact, super early 10pm.

we had a good day and i'm excited to go again. it'll have to wait til after san antonio. i'd love to go again this weekend but after seeing how crowded it was on a tuesday there's no way aaron's gonna brave the weekend crowd. he hates busy places, i don't know if he remembers what disney is like. he may be in for a shock.

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