Tuesday, January 29, 2008

my manly man

i suggested to "sometimes aaron" he should post a blog about his christmas hike last month. "a what?" "a why?" "a who?" <--this may be slightly exaggerated. in other words, "i won't be posting anything anytime soon." just like his refusal to get a myspace page, "the day adam earl get's a myspace, then maybe, i'll consider getting one." so no myspace. he hates technology, always and forever. which means i'll be posting on his behalf.

the back story: aaron's friend, tom, goes on a hike every christmas holiday with a bunch of buddies to the outskirts of washington state. they've been doing this every year for the past 15 years. from what i've been told they get rowdy, drink, smoke, wrestle, not shower, etc. basically they're men behaving badly in the wilderness. i'm not sure if females can go, i'm not sure they'd want to.

anyways, if you've ever been to the langei's abode you've seen group photos from every year hanging on their wall. well this year, tom invited aaron along. of course, aaron jumped at the opportunity. yesterday we got a disc from tom with all the photos from the trip. i may have to twist aaron's arm and have him write a more detailed description of the trip. i'll post some photos in the mean time. and after seeing them, i really want to go. not necessarily on this particular trip. but something similar.

very beautiful and untouched nature. i'm sure the photos don't do it much justice.

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